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A girl in a Welsh primary school learns the violin

Disadvantaged children in Wales to receive free access to musical instruments

Eurovision Konstrakta and Allegri Miserere

Serbia’s viral Eurovision song featured Allegri’s Miserere, and you might have missed it...

Kalush Orchestra represents Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Eurovision winner, Kalush Orchestra, brings traditional Ukrainian woodwind into the 21st century

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Argentinian opera house that became the world’s most enchanting book shop

‘Invalid piano’ played by bedridden invalids is the bizarre invention of the day

This piano for bedridden musicians was a real-life 1930s invention

Loudest recorded sound in history: 1883 volcanic eruption on Krakatoa

The loudest recorded sound in history literally sent shockwaves around the world

The world's largest pipe organ.

Hear the epic sound of a 33,112-pipe organ in Atlantic City – the world’s largest musical instrument

Period Table from Tone Deaf Comics

This Periodic Table of composers makes music history really, really geeky

Tom Felton starred as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series

Harry Potter’s Tom Felton was ‘desperate’ as a child to become a professional violinist

Valentin Guerin plays Pyro-Trombone

Fearless trombonist invents epic flame-throwing musical instrument

Dr. Alex George returns to Classic FM to present Classic FM’s Revision Hour

Classic FM launches Revision Hour: classical music for concentration and exam advice for students

Actress Marlene Dietrich singing for a group of GI's in France

During World War II Steinway pianos were parachuted onto battlefields to provide relaxation

Cobar Sound Chapel Official Opening

Australian water tank turned ‘sound chapel’ brings 24-hour classical music to the Outback

If you play ‘Star Wars’ music on Spotify, the play bar turns into an actual lightsaber

People are only just realising the Spotify play bar becomes a lightsaber when you listen to Star Wars

Lizzo plays her new $55,000 flute for the press at last night’s Met Gala

Lizzo brought her flute to the Met Gala, and performed Debussy on the red carpet steps

A choirboy's letter has been unearthed 125 years after it was written

Mystery of 19th-century choirboy, who hid ‘remember me’ plea in church pew, is solved

Alexander Toradze was performing with the the Vancouver Symphony

Vancouver pianist suffers heart failure during concerto performance, continues playing