Music geeks are ripping into this incorrect band t-shirt

2 July 2019, 10:05 | Updated: 7 October 2019, 09:47

Band t-shirt fail
Band t-shirt fail. Picture: Facebook

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Someone didn’t check their clefs before printing this musical t-shirt...

Music geeks have been roasting the slogan on this band t-shirt, after the designer mixed up their treble and bass clefs.

The t-shirt, which is supposed to spell out ‘BAND GEEK’ in music notation, actually spells out ‘BAND BGGK’.

A photo of the shirt was posted in the Facebook group Music Geeks, and a thread of savage comments ensued.

It's a band thing
It's a band thing. Picture: Facebook

“Oh dear, wrong clef!” one user commented.

Another said: “Omg I don’t know what a band bggk is.... but as a band geek I pray none of my fellow geeks are dumb enough to purchase this shirt.”

“I had a very brief moment where I thought I forgot how to read music... My AP theory kids would have been really disappointed in me,” another person commented.

One user wrote: “I love how all the real band geeks come and immediately comment on the error!”

Another suggested this could be a test from a teacher: “‘Does anyone want to buy the band t-shirt this semester?’ And then, the students that bought one, he assumes are the ones who are ruining his band and can’t read music, and fails them?”

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Look, we reckon it’s great to show off your love for music in what you wear, so hats off to the t-shirt makers for attempting what is, outside the music world, a pretty niche slogan.

Just maybe run it by a musician before getting any more copies printed...