Lang Lang came to Classic FM and played our toy piano

2 September 2014, 17:17 | Updated: 4 August 2015, 13:49

Piano superstar Lang Lang joined us in the Classic FM studio and did us the honour of performing on our very own instrument. Oh, and he played 'Happy Birthday' for us too.

Preparing for our guest

Obviously a top-notch instrument requires careful handling and precision maintenance to ensure it's in perfect working order for only the most talented hands in the piano world. 


The stage is set


Rehearsal time

After the load-in, piano tuning, soundcheck etc, it's time to get our artist settled at his instrument. 


The maestro is ready

Lang Lang was in the studio to tell Charlotte Green about his new Lang Lang Piano Academy and accompanying books, 'Mastering The Piano'. And, because we asked nicely and didn't cajole him in the slightest, he was only too happy to play a snippet from the first book in the series for us. 


Many happy returns

Lang Lang also heard that it was Classic FM's 22nd birthday this weekend and wished us many happy returns in the only way he knew how…



And here's our very own Aled Jones introducing Lang Lang's tiny piano masterclass on Classic FM the following morning. For the record, Aled, it's the best £20 we ever spent:

Thanks Lang Lang! Make sure you check out his new book series here and you too can play on a toy piano with as much panache!