Weapon found inside a flute at Munich airport

21 August 2018, 14:20 | Updated: 21 August 2018, 14:30

Hauptzollamt München
Hauptzollamt München. Picture: Munich airport customs office

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Customs officials have discovered a sword with a 50cm blade packed inside a flute at Munich airport.

A sword hidden inside a flute has been found and confiscated by staff at Munich airport.

According to their customs office, the sword had been sent by airmail from China to Norway and was registered as a gift.

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Airport staff discovered the hidden weapon when they unscrewed the headpiece of the instrument, which doubled as a handle for the sword. They then pulled the instrument apart to reveal a 50-centimetre-long blade.

Police are investigating the incident, which is reported to have happened in July.