The time a presenter accidentally dropped his microphone INTO a sousaphone

9 October 2019, 16:36

Cory McCloskey vs. a tuba

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

This Fox newscaster got a very fast lesson in the perils of marching band reporting…

Let’s all take a moment to remember the glorious time a Fox presenter accidentally dropped his microphone into a teenager’s sousaphone, during a live TV broadcast.

Cory McCloskey was on a visit to Phoenix Arizona’s Desert Vista High School, when he decided to approach a sousaphone player at the back of the school’s marching band.

“You know I love the tuba,” Cory grins to the camera. “It’s one of my favourite instruments.”

Not a tuba.
Not a tuba. Picture: FOX 10 Phoenix

Cory then tries to hold his microphone into the bell of the tuba sousaphone, but somehow drops it all the way inside.

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Tuba-sousaphone confusion aside, it was never a good idea to try and get that close to the mightiest brass instrument of all.

Enjoy the moment, and the awkward retrieval of said microphone, in the video above.