A solo pianist plays for peace, as Ukrainians cross border into Poland amid Russia invasion

4 March 2022, 17:26 | Updated: 4 March 2022, 17:31

Man plays piano at Ukrainian-Polish border

By Siena Linton

From Afghanistan to Ukraine, Davide Martello has played his piano for peace in zones of conflict across the world.

A pianist has been filmed on the Polish border, performing plaintive tunes as refugees stream across the border, fleeing from the Russian invasion.

Davide Martello is a German pianist, of Italian descent, who often performs under the name ‘Klavierkunst’, which translates to ‘Piano art’ in English.

Throughout the last decade, Martello has made a name for himself travelling to zones of conflict, to bring calm to people through music in times of need.

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While travelling, he often tows his piano behind his bicycle on a powered trailer. Documenting his journey to Poland on his Instagram account, Martello says he is there to “play for peace”, having brought with him medical supplies.

With a peace sign painted in white on the piano lid, Martello plays a reflective melody as buses arrive from neighbouring Ukraine.

He has previously travelled to play for soldiers in Afghanistan, outside the Bataclan in Paris following the 2015 attacks, and held a 14-hour-long recital in Istanbul, Turkey, during the Gezi Park protests in 2013.

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