This percussionist had a cymbal-based NIGHTMARE on stage, and his reaction was amazing

6 October 2017, 12:48

Star Spangled Banner Cymbal Fail -- 2013.05.18 EJH Red & White Concert


By Maddy Shaw Roberts

When it all goes cymbals-up mid-performance, you smooth it out like this young muso.

In his school orchestra’s performance of The Star Spangled Banner, this young American percussionist had the great responsibility of crashing together the cymbals on every fifth beat of the 6/4 national anthem.

And it was all going swimmingly… until they got to ‘and the rocket’s red glare’. On a particularly enthusiastic cymbal crash, the young musician dropped his right cymbal, causing it to go crashing along the floor of the school gym.

But did the young muso panic? Heck no. He smoothed it out, like this:

Cymbal crash - after

What an absolute champ.

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... and this one of a violinist’s E string pinging off into his eye, mid-solo (with a smooth recovery):

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