The 6 most painful school concert fails

4 December 2014, 10:49

School concert season is upon us again, so we've assembled some of the most cringeworthy, excruciating and downright painful school concert fails.

1. Cymbal fail

This guy deals with an errant cymbal in the best way possible - a healthy dose of respectful bemusement. And patriotism. 


2. The "Is he supposed to do that?" fail

Sometimes, when your school band is blessed with an outstanding drummer, it's pertinent to give them a drum solo. A really long, intense, borderline-scary drum solo. And then have him throw up afterwards. WARNING: not for the sensitive of stomach.


3. The 1812 fail

Nothing ruins the most epic, bombastic finale in classical music like knocking your bass drum over. We're big fans of whoever shouts "Hold onto it you silly!" at 1:23.


4. Off-campus concert fail

Taking your well-oiled performance to a local shopping centre has its challenges. Kudos to the kid who stands up immediately and shouts "YEAH!"


5. Terrifying choir fail

This guy picks an incredibly inopportune moment to have a funny turn. There's something truly haunting about the inevitability of his descent.


6. Everything fail

Well done for trying, guys. Really well done. 

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