Dog owner captures glorious footage of beagle singing at the piano

2 February 2022, 17:30 | Updated: 25 October 2022, 17:11

Dog sings and plays piano in adorable clip

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Poised at the piano, this beagle-basset hound opened his vocal cords and sang the song of his people.

When life gets tough, there can be nothing more cathartic than to let it all out and have a good howl.

And the same goes for Herbert Howells here – or, as he goes by in real life, ‘Buddy Mercury’ – who has delivered a heartfelt performance at his family’s piano for an audience of millions on the Internet.

With the front room as his stage, Buddy delivers a solo worthy of any smoky blues bar, improvising crunchy chords on keys while howling a freeform vocal cadenza over the top.

Aware of his audience, Buddy fur-tively throws in a side-eye to the camera, just to check his number one fan is enjoying the music.

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Melodious beagle sings and plays piano
Melodious beagle sings and plays piano. Picture: Buddy Mercury/YouTube

Wrapping up his performance after about a minute, Buddy steps down from his stage and shuffles over to sit before his master.

“What a good boy,” Buddy is told. “Good performance, Mr Buddles. Good show!”

Buddy, who is a rescue dog, has earned many a fan online with his heartfelt performances, more of which can be found on his YouTube channel. The Internet’s favourite beagle even featured on ABC in 2019.

“Better than 99% of music today,” one YouTuber quipped.

Bravo to this very good boy. Keep up the practice...