Listen to only the music you love with 'My Classic FM' on Global Player

5 June 2019, 10:33 | Updated: 7 June 2019, 12:56

My Classic FM on Global Player
'My Classic FM' on Global Player. Picture: Classic FM / Global

By Rosie Pentreath

Love Einaudi, but not so in the mood for Mendelssohn? Now you can skip any piece being played on radio, thanks to ‘My Classic FM’ on Global Player.

With the ‘My Classic FM’ on the Classic FM app, YOU control what music you listen to. “But how does that work?” we hear you ask.

How does ‘My Classic FM’ work?

Well, it’s pretty simple. When you open the Classic FM app, powered by Global Player, live radio will be playing. And if there’s a piece of music playing that you don’t really fancy – say, a fiery Beethoven string quartet when all you’re craving is a soothing Bach track – you can tap on the >> skip button and listen to the next piece instead.

When you hit skip, you will switch to ‘My Classic FM’ instead of live radio, and the power is in YOUR hands.

Classic FM Global Player app featuring 'My Classic FM'
Classic FM Global Player app featuring 'My Classic FM'. Picture: Classic FM / Global

You’ll be able to flick through the very best music Classic FM has to offer and stop on the pieces of music you’re really in the mood for. You can switch back to live radio whenever you’re ready. You can also remove pieces that you’re not in the mood for by simply tapping the X in the top right-hand corner of the album cover.

The main difference between ‘My Classic FM’ and live radio is that it won’t feature the competitions and other spoken segments you hear in the usual broadcast, so make sure you switch back to live radio on a regular basis if you don’t want to miss out! You can do this at any time by tapping ‘Back to Live’ in the top left-hand corner of the app.

How do I get ‘My Classic FM’?

‘My Classic FM’ is only available on the Classic FM app, powered by Global Player. You can download it now from the place you usually get your apps – App Store on Apple devices; Google Play Store on Android devices.

Click here to download the Classic FM app on iTunes

Click here to download the Classic FM app on Google Play Store

What else is on the Classic FM App?

As well as controlling the music you listen to through ‘My Classic FM’, our app includes a fantastic selection of playlists to listen to, a round-up of ours and others’ best podcasts, and the latest news and features from

Classic FM app Global Player
Classic FM app. Picture: Classic FM / Global