Drunk man steals ‘L’ from Liverpool Philharmonic Hall sign

1 September 2020, 12:47 | Updated: 1 September 2020, 12:56

Drunk man steals ‘L’ from Liverpool Philharmonic hall sign
Drunk man steals ‘L’ from Liverpool Philharmonic hall sign. Picture: Wiki

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

The second ‘L’ has been torn down from the sign of Liverpool’s historic concert venue.

Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall, home to the UK’s oldest continuing professional symphony orchestra, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, has been vandalised.

Merseyside Police say a drunk man stole the second ‘L’ in ‘Liverpool Philharmonic’ at 05:45 BST on Monday 31 August.

Police were called out after a man was seen climbing up the outside of the Grade II listed building, and onto a ledge.

There, the man reportedly pulled the letter from the sign and fled the concert hall.

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Police searched the area and found a group of men, whom they chased down. One of them was found to be clutching the stolen letter.

An 18-year-old man from Giffnock, Scotland, and a 19-year-old man from Aigburth, Liverpool, were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Lucy Armfield, a guest that night at Hope Street Hotel opposite the Hall, described the damage as a “horrible piece of mindless vandalism”.

Zadok the Priest – Handel

She told the Liverpool Echo that she heard the sound of drunken men shouting and laughing outside. “We had this room opposite the Phil and we had our window open a little bit.

“At some point in the night we heard a lot of drunken revelry. We thought it was people walking home and didn't really think anything of it.

“I looked out of the window this morning and saw that the L had gone.”

Here’s hoping the sign can soon be restored to its original condition.