Orchestra plays on as conductor’s trousers fall down during performance

28 February 2020, 14:00

By Helena Asprou

The conductor ploughed on with the performance, despite suffering an unfortunate clothing mishap.

Chinese conductor Muhai Tang has just given the classical world a lesson in professionalism after his trousers fell down mid-performance – and he remained pretty much unfazed.

In the video (watch above), we see Tang lead La Scala’s orchestra during a concert at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan, in front of an audience of 3,000.

The performance was being held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, not exactly the scale of event where you’d want to suffer a mortifying blooper.

But as the orchestra plays, Tang’s trousers suddenly drop to his knees, leaving him standing before the entire auditorium in his boxer shorts.

The debacle unfolds during a rather powerful brass fanfare... and just in time for a drum roll.

Muhai Tang’s trousers fall to his knees during a performance
Muhai Tang’s trousers fall to his knees during a performance. Picture: Gedi Visual/ La Repubblica

Undeterred, the 70-year-old conductor quickly hoists up his trousers and the ensemble continues without missing a beat – a great testament to the Grammy-winning maestro, whose skill and sophistication has seen him collaborate with prestigious orchestras and opera houses all over the world.

But it seems as though Tang can be a little clumsy at times, as this isn’t the first time he’s suffered an on-stage mishap.

While walking out on stage for a concert in 2016, he suddenly lost his footing and slipped over, tripping up a nearby singer in the process:

Conductor Muhai Tang stepped on slippery floor

Still, he manages to dust himself off with true grace every time – and we can all learn something from his unlucky exposure.

In the meantime, it might be worth him investing in a new belt...