Charles Dutoit releases statement denying sexual assault claims

24 December 2017, 10:08 | Updated: 24 December 2017, 10:10

Charles Dutoit

Conductor Charles Dutoit has released a statement after allegations of sexual assault were made against him earlier this week.

The conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (who have already released their own statement on the matter and mutually agreed with Dutoit to halt all of his conducting engagements) has strongly denied any wrongdoing.

Furthermore, he commented on the media’s treatment of him since the allegations first emerged.

“The allegations made against me are as shocking to me as they are to my friends and colleagues. I do not recognise the man or the actions being described in the media.”

“Whilst informal physical contact is commonplace in the arts world as a mutual gesture of friendship, the serious accusations made involving coercion and forced physical contact have absolutely no basis in truth.”

“I am taking legal advice and plan to meaningfully defend myself and I believe within this current climate, media accusations on serious physical abuse do not help society tackle these issues properly if the claims are in fact not true.”

Four musicians have so far come forward to make accusations, as reported in the Associated Press, and social media reports have since emerged from others in the classical music industry.