Bryn Terfel joins in Welsh sing-along with his Argentinian fans

20 September 2018, 16:58

By Sofia Rizzi

Watch the moment Bryn Terfel's fans in Buenos Aires spontaneously start singing in Welsh whilst waiting for the opera star's autograph.

You would think that Bryn Terfel was in his homeland of Wales in this video, but he is in fact in Buenos Aires.

Fans crowded at stage door following the Welsh bass-baritone's debut performance at Teatro Colón. Whilst they waited to snap a photo with Bryn and get his autograph, the crowd started Welsh.

Without thinking twice, Bryn joins in with the crowd and leads them in true showman style.

The sing-along included the Welsh standards Calon Lân and Sosban Fach (actually meaning Small Saucepan), both unofficial rugby anthems for the 'land of song', as Wales is known.