Trombonist drowns out “racist” Anti-BLM protester in university protest

2 September 2020, 15:15 | Updated: 2 September 2020, 15:28

Trombone Guy at a protest
Trombone Guy at a protest. Picture: Twitter / saw__your

By Kyle Macdonald

University President applauds as trombonist plays in loud opposition to “hate-spewing” demonstrator.

An Anti-Black Lives Matter and homophobic protester met his brassy match, during a protest at the University of South Carolina.

“He was saying a lot of homophobic things, a lot of racist things,” university student Sawyer McDuffie told ABC News.

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A crowd of students gathered to voice their disapproval of his message, but the protester had a megaphone and continued to dominate the scene. That’s when a freshman at the university, Trey Hogan, arrived with his trombone.

A peaceful protest, through the use of fortissimo, you could say.

“Everyone started cheering when I started playing, so I just went on from there,” Hogan said. And as one might expect, if it’s trombone versus megaphone, the brass instrument comes out the winner.

Watch the scene unfold here:

After the cacophonous commotion Bob Caslen, President of the University of South Carolina, applauded the non-violent response to the demonstrator.

“So freaking proud of my school. So freaking proud of my trombone player,” said another Twitter user.

Hogan has since become know as “Trombone Guy” on social media. Well played.

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