A TikTok composer is painstakingly setting every name to beautiful piano music

16 March 2021, 17:23

TikTok composer Luke Spine is setting names to piano music

By Kyle Macdonald

Personalised pieces of perfection, because nothing on earth sounds sweeter than your name in music.

What does your name sound like? And we’re not talking about the sound it makes when your friends yell it across a crowded room.

We mean in piano music.

Composer Luke Spine has been taking to TikTok, creating miniature musical musings based on first names. The creations follow the contours of the letters, expertly arranged for maximum pianistic beauty.

So if you’re an Emily, Anna, Matthew or Ali, you can now hear the musical flavours of your name. Just watch the video above.

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Setting the shapes of the nations to music

TikTok composer is setting the countries of the world to music. 👏 (via @LukeSpine)

Posted by Classic FM on Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Spine’s social media creations have amassed over two million likes on TikTok, with many requesting settings of their names. As well as creating these personalised pieces, he has also set the shapes of star signs and countries (watch above).

The musical miniatures are created using a piano roll editor, which assigns notes and durations to shapes.

And very lovely it all sounds too. Follow Luke on TikTok here.