A neighbourhood waltz by brass duo turns into a trio… as car horn joins in

13 August 2020, 15:36 | Updated: 13 August 2020, 16:43

Cars join in trumpet and trombone duet for impressive concert during lockdown

By Rosie Pentreath

A legendary trio for the ages…

It’s not Mozart, but as horn concertos go, this one’s quite a belter.

Trumpeter and trombonist Imogen and Rupert have taken it upon themselves to serenade their neighbours with a delightful brass duet or two each week, over the past few weeks.

And amidst the appreciative neighbours that gathered for their brassy ditties most recently was a car and its driver, come over to watch especially. Our four-wheeled friend fancied the music would be done more justice scored for trio: trumpet, trombone and French car horn (would that make it a Citroën then??).

Indeed, it wasn’t a glimmering, glinting, shining French horn that was thrown into the brassy fray. No, my friend. The third ensemble member here is a rather punctual car horn (watch above).

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Couple’s neighbourhood brass duet turns into waltz trio, as car horn joins in
Couple’s neighbourhood brass duet turns into waltz trio, as car horn joins in. Picture: Facebook

Imogen and Rupert had their jaunty arrangements well-planned, well-paced and well-syncopated. And their unexpected ensemble buddy was there to answer musically in a call-and-response worthy of any legendary trio.

A Gossec Gavotte? Car horn makes every cue. The ‘Blue Danube’? It wheel-y works! ‘Sailor’s Hornpipe’? Sublime – even with that rapid accelerando we all know and love, it’s a tight toot every time.

Alas, like many great Internet moments, this one wasn’t quite as spontaneous as it appears. A little behind-the-scenes planning saw Rupert wishing to thank the friend who promised to drive to their concert from afar by scoring an ingenious ‘Car Horn Concerto’ for the occasion.

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Trombonist plays ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ on a watering can

The video was originally posted on Facebook by Catherine Hancock, who wrote: “It’s been so wonderful to see the way that Imogen and Rupert have brought their local community together with trumpet and trombone driveway duets over the last 16 weeks.

“Hardly anyone on their street knew each other at the start of lockdown, but there must have been about 80 people there yesterday, all brought together by beautiful music.”

“This was one of the highlights - the ‘Car Horn Concerto’ - arranged by Ru to feature one of their friends who had driven over to watch the final concert.”

Bravo and two honks to the talented trio!