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Lang Lang performs Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’ at St Thomas Church, Leipzig – watch full concert via DG Stage.

Watch star pianist Lang Lang play stunning Bach at Leipzig’s St Thomas Church

Lang Lang plays for the 'Global Citizen' concert

Lang Lang biopic: ‘Hollywood likes drama. But it was a very emotional journey for me and my father’

92-year-old with dementia remembers how to play piano

Inspiring moment 92-year-old with dementia remembers Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight’ Sonata on piano

“We are in need of a little distraction today”

Pianist’s neighbours send a hand-written request on US election night. He responds with a concert.

Dad documents playing piano to daughter for over five years

Pianist dad documents daughter’s musical journey from baby to five years old

Peter Geddes plays piano as Barcelona riots unfold

Surreal scenes as pianist calmly plays ‘Eternal Flame’ while anti-curfew riots escalate behind him

Paul Harvey, pianist with dementia, plays Bach

Dad with dementia’s piano playing is a powerful reminder that music heals

The armless musician who plays the piano with his feet

The armless musician who played the piano with his feet to win China’s Got Talent

Man plays cocktail piano

Man plays cocktail piano, mixes a drink just by pressing the keys

Card for piano teacher Larisa Suknov

A young pianist wrote his teacher this thank you card, and it’s achingly beautiful

Marutaro hedgehog plays jazz piano

Hedgehog inadvertently plays freeform jazz by walking across piano keys

Musician plays flute and piano at the same time when accompanist doesn’t show up

‘Her accompanist didn’t show up so she played the flute and piano parts’

Keith Jarrett plays at New York's Carnegie Hall in 2015

‘I was paralysed’ – piano legend Keith Jarrett reveals agony of his stroke and lost ability to play

Edward Chilvers is using dice to compose music

Meet the man using dice – yes, dice – to compose his music

Pianist and composer Martin Kohlstedt plants one tree for every concert ticket sold

This pianist is planting one tree for every concert ticket sold

Pianist plays on piano properly for the first time in 20 years, with the help from bionic gloves

This injured concert pianist thought he’d never play again. A pair of ‘bionic’ gloves changed everything.

Pianist plays piano to sheep in New Zealand

Man in black tie plays piano concert for unsuspecting sheep

A video of a cat enjoying the piano

Cat piano videos are good for your health. A scientific study says so.