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Raymond Essayan

Pianist who survived Beirut blast sculpts a grand piano from the rubble

Easy piano pieces

9 easy piano pieces to get you started on keys

Cat plays piano when he's hungry

Cat has a tiny piano which he plays when he’s hungry

The piano is made out of sausage, and it works.

This piano is made of sausages, and it works.

Myleene's Music Klass

Music Klass: Myleene’s online music lessons are bringing music to new audiences in a wonderful way

Beirut citizen plays ‘Auld Lang Syne’ on piano

A grandmother played ‘Auld Lang Syne’ on piano amid debris of Beirut explosion

The great American pianist Leon Fleisher has died

Leon Fleisher, pianist who championed left-hand music, dies aged 92

This piano has no black keys

This piano doesn’t have any black keys. How will it sound?

Watch as a pianist solves a Rubik's Cube while playing the piano at the same time

Pianist casually plays the Nintendo Mii theme on one hand, while solving a Rubik’s Cube

LEGO's incredible new grand piano

You can now play LEGO’s functioning 3,622-piece grand piano

Mystery pianist goes to antique store, plays for the Internet, comes out with a free piano

A random guy played incredible piano at an antique store, so they gave it to him

A 98-year-old woman is raising money for the NHS by playing the piano every day for 100 days

98-year-old woman is playing the piano for 100 days to raise money for NHS

Billy Joel spotted in the street playing discarded wooden piano

Real-life ‘Piano Man’, Billy Joel, spotted on New York roadside playing discarded piano

Pianist adds harmony to cat

Classical pianist adds extended harmony to ‘deranged yelling cat’, and a masterpiece unfolds

Video game pro completes ‘Minecraft’ using a PIANO as a controller

Video game pro uses a piano as a controller, completes ‘Minecraft’

Left: the Kanneh-Masons; Right: Sheku and Isata Kanneh-Mason

Sheku Kanneh-Mason’s family: everything you need to know about the Kanneh-Masons

Confused cat panics as it steps on piano

Confused cat steps on piano, has a meltdown as paws hit the keys