19 irresistible classical music memes for all musicians on Valentine’s Day

12 February 2021, 14:34 | Updated: 12 February 2021, 14:58

The Warsaw Concerto: the romantic second theme

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Ogle memes, not boys, this February 14th.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and only the crème de la crème of music memes will do. Here’s the Internet’s best selection, to woo your inner music nerd...

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  1. I absolutely shall not.

    When he tells you 'babe, chill'
    Picture: Classic FM
  2. As your family likes to remind you, get a move on or all the good ones will have gone

    Are you a practice room?
    Picture: Social media

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  3. *melts*

    Picture: Hannah Beech
  4. The notes I dream of being slipped into my hand

    Hold mi
    Picture: Social media
  5. Valentine’s cards don’t get more romantic than this...

    B Min
    Picture: Tumblr/fach-off
  6. Babe, he lies.

    When he tells you 'babe, i've changed'
    Picture: Social media
  7. Together forever xo

    Everyone else vs Me
    Picture: Classic FM
  8. And after that the Impromptu, please

    Fantasy in C major
    Picture: Classic FM
  9. Absolute disaster.

    Key signature
    Picture: Classic FM
  10. It just never works

    I need to go practise
    Picture: Social media
  11. *sheds a silent tear*

    Powerful bond
    Picture: Tumblr/frenchhornsandunicorns
  12. Finally, a guardian angel in my life

    Never felt more loved
    Picture: Social media
  13. Like a dagger to my heart

    I want to be good friend with you
    Picture: Tumblr/fach-off
  14. *screams internally*

    You vs the guy
    Picture: Social media
  15. The only kind of compliment I’m comfortable with

    You are a BABE
    Picture: Stringsavvy.com
  16. *cowers in the corner*

    Piano meme
    Piano meme. Picture: Social media
  17. Just a total mess.

    My dating record
    Picture: Social media
  18. But you know that no matter what, music will always be there

    Bach cello suite
    Bach cello suite. Picture: Classic FM
  19. And to end, a heart-shaped love song from the 15th century. Because music and matters of the heart have always been linked...

    15th-century love song
    15th-century love song. Picture: Belle Bonne Sage

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