What was Aretha Franklin’s vocal range?

16 August 2018, 16:20

(HD) Aretha Franklin Vocal Range Live (G2 - E6)

By Elizabeth Davis

The legendary Queen of Soul passed away this week, aged 76, and what better way to pay tribute than to take a moment to appreciate her ridiculously impressive vocal range?

Aretha Franklin is one of the greatest singers of all time – songs like Respect, Natural Woman and Think are played all around the world. And there can’t be many people who don’t know the words to I Say a Little Prayer.

Did you know Aretha once stood in for Pavarotti and performed Nessun Dorma?

And one of the things that made Aretha so great was her impressive vocal range. She could sing notes spanning well over three octaves – and some people even argue she could sing up to four octaves.

This YouTuber has painstakingly put together footage of Aretha singing from G2 (that’s the second G below middle C) to E6 (just over two octaves above middle C).