Latest Mozart News

An Australian professor has spent over a decade forensically analysing Mozart scores.

Mozart claimed credit for his sister’s compositions, says former conductor turned professor

finger clicking Mozart

Student finger-snaps along to Mozart's Rondo alla Turca in record-breaking video

Beethoven is more popular than Mozart

Beethoven beats Mozart to the top spot as the most popular Classic FM composer of 2019

Mozart's The Magic Flute in video game form

Mozart's famous opera The Magic Flute is about to be transformed into a video game

Mozart on Facebook

People who 'Like' Mozart on Facebook are more likely to have a high IQ

whistling queen of the night aria

This guy perfectly WHISTLES Mozart's fiendishly difficult Queen of the Night Aria

Magic flute 31 flutes

This old dude playing The Magic Flute on 31 flutes is genuinely impressive

Britney painting to Mozart

Britney Spears painting to Mozart is one of life’s purest joys

Louise Alder

‘It’s really important to create your support network very early on’ – advice from a rising star

Violin star Ezi

This freestyle violinist playing Wild Thoughts is giving us LIFE

Whistling Mozart

Seriously impressive: this guy can perfectly whistle Mozart's Bassoon Concerto

The Super Mario Brothers theme

The Super Mario Brothers theme in the style of Mozart and Shostakovich

Jazz Mozart

This jazz version of Mozart's 'Rondo Alla Turca' is cooler than you're expecting

Mozart connection John Suchet

We found an organist and a choral singer who can trace their teacher lineage back to Mozart and Bach

Mozart baby conducting

Here’s a baby falling asleep while conducting Mozart with his dad

yuja wang encore

Watch Yuja Wang take apart Mozart with this unbelievably exciting encore

Mozart Klotz violin

This is what Mozart's own violin actually sounds like (spoiler: it's delightful)

rondo alla turca electric guitar

Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca played on electric guitar is supremely exciting

Mozart Marathon

Classic FM’s Mozart Marathon to mark 225th anniversary of composer’s death

mozart theremin

Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria on Theremin sounds thoroughly weird

Christopher Purves

‘There are an awful lot of people in this world who abuse power like Don Giovanni. Look at Brexit’

oldest ever opera recording

This is the oldest known recording of an opera singer, and it’s incredibly interesting

Mozart The man Revealed Suchet

Mozart - The Man Revealed with John Suchet

Mozart flute duet

These two music students played a duet for flute and piano… but not in the way you expect

Evan Le piano

Watch adorable five-year-old Evan Le flawlessly perform Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 8

conduct us

Random New Yorkers were invited to conduct this orchestra on a street corner