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finger clicking Mozart

Student finger-snaps along to Mozart's Rondo alla Turca in record-breaking video


6 of the best Mozart concertos to add to your playlist

Did Salieri poison Mozart

Was Mozart actually poisoned by Salieri? Here’s the truth

Did Beethoven meet Mozart

Did Beethoven meet Mozart?

Mozart vs Tchaikovsky quiz

Quiz: Are you more like Mozart or Tchaikovsky?

Magic flute 31 flutes

This old dude playing The Magic Flute on 31 flutes is genuinely impressive

Mozart Marathon

Classic FM’s Mozart Marathon to mark 225th anniversary of composer’s death

mozart drums

Someone added a drum part to Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto and it is surprisingly awesome

Mozart The man Revealed Suchet

Mozart - The Man Revealed with John Suchet

bass long note mozart

The breath control in this astonishing bass solo will make your diaphragm hurt

Mozart Facebook Asset

If composers had Facebook: Mozart's profile

La Boheme at the Royal Opera House

Opera: where to start

Arabella steinbacher mozart violin concertos

Mozart - Violin Concertos 3,4 & 5: Arabella Steinbacher/Daniel Dodds/Festival Strings Lucerne

key people in mozart's life

8 amazing performances of Mozart's Requiem