This old dude playing The Magic Flute on 31 flutes is genuinely impressive

10 November 2017, 10:59 | Updated: 10 November 2017, 14:59

Thought playing one flute was hard? Try 31. All at once. And then play The Magic Flute.

If you’ve never seen this rare (and slightly weird-looking) instrument before, its called a callioforte and it is made up of 31 flutes.

Instrument maker Leonard Solomon plays his creation by pressing on two pedals with his feet, at the end of which are two large airbags. The airbags are attached to the pipe section, as the instrument runs on air.

He then presses on each flute with his fingers, and hey presto, the familiar sounds of Mozart’s The Magic Flute emerge perfectly from the pipes.

When he zooms in, he appears to play the instrument like a piano…


It’s extremely awesome, and we’re now convinced Leonard is some kind of musical magician.

Find him on YouTube for more videos of his funky homemade instruments.