Mozart son's gravestone vandalised in Czech town

22 January 2014, 10:08

The grave of Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart, son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, has been vandalised in the Czech town of Karlovy Vary.

According to a local spokesman, Jan Kopal, the a cast iron part of the tombstone was removed by force from its base and broken. Another tombstone was also damaged in the attack, which is thought to have taken place on Monday evening.

Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart was buried in what is known as the 'Mozart Park', which used to be a traditional cemetery until the mid-19th century.

Franz Xaver was Mozart's youngest son and an accomplished composer himself, though his works are rarely performed today. He received composition tuition from Antonio Salieri and completed around 30 works.

He died of stomach cancer in 1844 in Karlovy Vary (then Karlsbad). The epitaph on the now-damaged tombstone made clear reference to his famous heritage: "May the name of his father be his epitaph, as his veneration for him was the essence of his life."