Mozart's violin donated to Salzburg Foundation

14 November 2013, 17:20

A private benefactor has gifted a violin played by Mozart when he was in Vienna to the Salzburg Mozart Foundation.

Created in 1764, the violin is thought to have been made by Venetian luthier Pietro Antonio Dalla Costa.

The violin will now be reunited with the composer's piano, given to the foundation in 1856, and his viola, owned by the foundation since 1966. It will be exhibited and regularly played at the museum in Salzburg.

Museum Director Dr. Gabriele Ramsauer said: "The Costa Violin is an unbelievably valuable addition to our collection of original Mozart instruments. To receive a violin of this quality as a present - and at that one that Mozart had owned! - you can't wish for more than that. It really is a rare stroke of luck and a magical moment for the Mozart museum."

Mozart acquired the violin shortly after arriving in Vienna - although he spent much of his time in Vienna composing for piano, he always played string instruments in private. He composed several sonatas for violin and piano, intended to be played with his wife Constanze.