Andrea Bocelli on singing with family at Christmas: ‘My voice is changing, every year it’s different’

18 December 2022, 20:55 | Updated: 20 December 2023, 14:54

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Best-loved tenor Andrea Bocelli talks recording a Christmas album with his son and daughter, how his voice is changing with age, and what the festive period means to him as a father.

During Christmas with the Bocellis, an exclusive interview to be rebroadcast on Christmas Day at 8pm on Classic FM, Andrea Bocelli admitted that “every year” his voice is changing and takes on different qualities.

The 64-year-old Italian tenor was joined by his son, Matteo and daughter, Virginia to share stories of how they celebrate Christmas as a family, along with an insight into their favourite seasonal music.

“My father always says you have to learn about your voice every day,” Matteo, 24, told Classic FM’s Charlotte Hawkins.

Nodding, his father added: “Unfortunately my voice changes also – every year it’s different. I have to create new conditions to get the most out of my voice.”

Bocelli, who recorded his first studio album Il mare calmo della sera in 1994, recorded A Family Christmas in July this year for release on 21 October on Decca. It is the tenor’s fifth collaborative album to date.

“We have been recording Christmas songs since June!” Virginia, 10, tells Charlotte.

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Christmas with the Bocellis
Christmas with the Bocellis on Classic FM. Picture: Classic FM

The star tenor also spoke of slowing down at Christmastime, to spend time at home with his wife and children. “Family has been always the most important thing in my life,” he said, describing the album as an “opportunity to give an important message to the world”.

Matteo emerged as a rising star following the release of his father’s 2019 album , which featured a duet between the father-son duo.

The following year, Andrea was joined by his daughter to deliver a stunning duet on ‘Hallelujah’ at a theatre in Parma, during lockdown in Italy.

Describing the moment, Virginia told Charlotte: “Singing with my dad was so exciting… with Matteo it was even better.”

Listen to ‘Christmas with the Bocellis’ at 8pm on 25 December 2023 on Classic FM – and catch up afterwards on Global Player.