We used the What3Words app to find classical landmarks – and the results were beyond perfect

20 August 2019, 10:22 | Updated: 20 August 2019, 10:26

Brahms’ Monument, Vienna
Brahms’ Monument, Vienna. Picture: Getty

By Helena Asprou

Penned as ‘an app that could save your life’, What3Words is the latest app to break the Internet – in a really good way. We tried it on our favourite classical music spots…

What3Words allows users to search for any address in the world, before presenting them with three unique code words.

Covering every three-metre square of space on the planet, the app’s code words are as accurate as GPS coordinates and offer all sorts of wonderful benefits, from meeting friends and family more easily to requesting emergency aid.

The idea for the app came about when former music industry professional, Chris Sheldrick, noticed that organising live events in different countries was a struggle thanks to poor addressing.

He found it frustrating enough that drivers had been unloading his equipment in the wrong places, but the icing on the cake was when a keyboard player called him and said: “Chris, don’t panic, but we may have just sound-checked at the wrong wedding.”

We tried out the app on the world’s greatest classical music landmarks – and some of the results were just way too perfect.

  1. Bach’s statue in Leipzig

    St Thomas' Church, Leipzig
    St Thomas' Church, Leipzig. Picture: What3Words
  2. La Scala, Italy

    La Scala, Milano
    La Scala, Milano. Picture: What3Words
  3. The stunning grounds of Glyndebourne

    Glyndebourne. Picture: What3Words
  4. Mozart’s house in Vienna

    Mozart's house
    Mozart's house. Picture: What3Words
  5. Sydney Opera House

    Sydney Opera House
    Sydney Opera House. Picture: What3Words
  6. Grieg’s crib

    Grieg's house
    Grieg's house. Picture: What3Words
  7. The organ in St. Paul’s Cathedral

    St Paul's Cathedral
    St Paul's Cathedral. Picture: What3Words
  8. Elgar’s birthplace

    Elgar's birthplace
    Elgar's birthplace. Picture: What3Words
  9. The Royal Albert Hall (tenors will understand...)

    The Royal Albert Hall, London on What3Words
    The Royal Albert Hall, London on What3Words. Picture: Getty
  10. The Barbican’s main stage

    Barbican. Picture: What3Words
  11. The Violin Museum, Cremona

    The Violin Museum, Cremona
    The Violin Museum, Cremona. Picture: What3Words
  12. The main hall of Musikverein, Vienna

    The main hall of Musikverein, Vienna . Picture: What3Words
  13. The entrance hall of Vienna’s Musikverein

    Musikverein Concert Hall
    Musikverein Concert Hall. Picture: What3Words
  14. New York’s Metropolitan Opera House

    Metropolitan Opera House, New York
    Metropolitan Opera House, New York. Picture: What3Words
  15. Also, backstage at the Met Opera House...

    Met Opera House
    Met Opera House. Picture: What3Words
  16. The Walt Disney Concert Hall

    The Walt Disney Concert Hall on What3Words
    The Walt Disney Concert Hall on What3Words. Picture: Getty
  17. The Mozart Museum, Vienna

    The Mozart Museum, Vienna
    The Mozart Museum, Vienna. Picture: What3Words
  18. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, NYC

    Lincoln Center
    Lincoln Center. Picture: What3Words
  19. Brahms’ statue in Vienna. Perfect.

    Brahms' monument in Vienna
    Brahms' monument in Vienna. Picture: What3Words