Try not to laugh at this orchestrated version of the Microsoft Windows sounds

28 October 2018, 16:48

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

This musical comedian created a waltz based around the sounds used in Windows XP, and it’s one of our favourite things.

Rainer Hersch is a comedian and musician, whose classical ‘Orkestra’ performs and, well, ‘customises’ some of the greatest classical works.

In this clip, Rainer has orchestrated all the sounds used in Microsoft Windows XP, which you may remember used to accompany the following message, among others:

Keyboard error Windows

The ‘Orkestra’ play all the Windows sounds, before creating a full waltz arrangement for the audience. 

Unfortunately, the XP operating system came to a sticky end a few years ago. But fear not; the ‘Orkestra’ have also arranged a ragtime orchestration of the more current Apple ringtones, featuring Rainer on the xylophone…

What a legend.

Find Rainer Hersch on his website, Facebook and Twitter. For more clips, visit his fan YouTube channel