A violinist’s string snapped LIVE on TV and we’re still getting over the stress

9 March 2018, 16:31 | Updated: 9 March 2018, 17:18

It’s every violinist’s nightmare - a string snapping right in the middle of an important performance. But imagine if that performance was on television. Live.

Violinist Kristine Balanas was in the middle of completely owning Wieniawski’s Polonaise Brilliante No. 1 during the Latvian Music Awards when the unthinkable happened. Her E string, until then a faithful and supportive colleague, let her down and snapped.


As is always the way with these situations, it’s about how you react. And Kristine was an absolute pro - quickly grab the Latvian Symphony Orchestra concertmaster’s violin and leave him to deal with the consequences. The show must go on.

You can hear how much the audience appreciated her swift work, and she receives a well-deserved reaction.

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