This GRUESOME cover of Thriller on glass bottles is everything

27 October 2017, 11:35 | Updated: 27 October 2017, 13:15

Percussion sounds even better when accompanied by fake blood, fake eyeballs and some top-notch Halloween prosthetics.

Cymbals, vodka bottles, glass bottles, drain pipes – The Bottle Boys have stepped up their game for Halloween this year.

This cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ has everything you could possibly want on the creepiest day of the year: blood, unnerving white eyeballs and terrifying off-beat percussive rhythms.

They even smash out a bit of self-written Sprechstimme, and totally nail the timing of Vincent Price’s iconic evil laugh.

Well, we’re thoroughly creeped out.

Watch The Bottle Boys cover ‘Beat It’:

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