Soprano sings blistering top F sharp that you will never want to unhear

1 December 2021, 17:10 | Updated: 3 December 2021, 13:06

High F sharp
High F sharp. Picture: YouTube

By Sophia Alexandra Hall

French-Cypriot soprano Sarah Aristidou is a virtuosic vocalist, and thrills with her delivery of this stratospheric sharp.

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The range of a soprano singer, the highest voice type in classical music, usually ranges between middle C (C4) and high C (C6).

However, some artists can sing higher using what has been coined the ‘whistle register’, the highest register of the human voice.

In this video from the French-Cypriot soprano Sarah Aristidou’s YouTube channel, Aristidou holds a super-high F sharp (F♯6), at about 18 seconds in. This is an augmented fourth above what is meant to be the highest note a soprano can sing!

Listen to her powerful delivery below...

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Sarah Aristidou | Das Jagdgewehr

Aristidou’s solo is taken from the world premiere of Austrian composer Thomas Larcher’s opera, Das Jagdgewehr, at the Bregenz Festival in 2018.

Das Jagdgewehr, tells the story of three women, who speak in three letters addressed to the same man, a hunter. The story is based on Japanese writer Yasushi Inoue’s best-seller, The Hunting Gun.

The three women are his wife, his lover and his lover’s daughter. As the women react to the revelation of illicit love, the hunter’s life is laid bare.

Sarah plays the character of Shoko (the lover’s daughter). Her passionate performance and dynamic delivery in this clip is intensely impressive, and we’re excited to listen to what the young soprano does next.