America the Beautiful chicken

Watch this patriotic chicken peck 'America the Beautiful' on a keyboard


This is a Contrabass Clarinet and it sounds utterly monstrous


Listen to this orchestra re-create the atmospheric sounds of Berlin using their instruments

Aida music video

This is probably the most glamorous music video you've ever seen

Chopin two pianos

This pianist can play Chopin on two pianos better than most people can on one

Britney Vivaldi

Britney Spears reworked in the style of a Vivaldi Baroque sonata is unexpectedly amazing

Kings Singers Hedwig's Theme

Listen to this enchanting a cappella recital of Hedwig's Theme in Professor McGonagall's classroom

satie piano rubber bands

This is what happens when you play a Satie Gymnopedie with a load of rubber bands on your fingers

Bernstein Triangles

Watch Leonard Bernstein conduct a frustrating rehearsal with the triangle section

One note piece Legeti

This piece only has ONE note in it, but is still absolutely thrilling

Rachmaninov improvisation GoPro

This Rachmaninov-inspired improvisation is absolutely stunning

elb philarharmonie

Watch an incredible light display soundtracked by Beethoven's 9th from the Elbphilharmonie

Flight of the Bumblebee two pianos

Watch this pianist play Flight of the Bumblebee on TWO pianos at the SAME TIME


You have to listen to this note-perfect melodica version of the Carmen Fantasy

Cat composer Alexander Livitsanos

This utterly adorable kitten is the ultimate distraction from work

Donald Trump accordion

Here's a video of Donald Trump playing the accordion (it's very good)

Renée Fleming interview tips

Renée Fleming’s top tips for singers: ‘tune out the noise and focus on your voice’