Bathroom Concerto

Check out this awesome triple concerto for water pipes, taps and fiddle

Jo Cox This Light of Reason

Watch the carol for MP Jo Cox performed by the Parliament Choir

imperial march coffee stirrer

Please enjoy the Imperial March performed on a tiny coffee stick

Tromba Marina

This instrument is the musical love-child of a double bass and a trumpet

oldest piano

Watch this wonderful performance on the world's oldest surviving piano (it sounds magnificent)

Radiohead Creep square large

Radiohead’s Creep for piano and strings is the arrangement you didn’t know you needed

beethoven sym 5 c major

Ever wondered what Beethoven’s Fifth would sound like in a major key?

queen bohemian rhapsody google translate

A soprano put the lyrics from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody through Google translate and they're completely bonkers

chopin minute waltz timer

This guy actually played Chopin’s Minute Waltz in under a minute

cornet triple tongue

This kid’s cornet triple-tonguing technique is seriously impressive

debussy theremin

This guy plays a Debussy classic on a theremin and it sounds surprisingly sublime

cello star wars medley

This cellist performs a truly huge Star Wars medley, and it's just gorgeous

Pompeii choir

This choir singing O Sole Mio in the ruins of Pompeii is the most beautifully Italian thing that’s ever happened

Metal Westworld theme

This metal version of the Westworld theme will melt your face and reveal whether you are an android

Alexander Armstrong: Upon a Different Shore

Alexander Armstrong plays oboe on his second album, ‘Upon a Different Shore’

Ravel Left Hand Piano Concerto Jean-Efflam Bavouze

'When I play Ravel’s Left Hand Concerto my goal is to make it sound like I have THREE hands'

Wayne Marshall on the Royal Albert Hall organ

We got one of the best organists in the world to play on one of the biggest organs ever made – improvising on themes suggested by you