This Rachmaninov-inspired improvisation is absolutely stunning

27 January 2017, 12:24

Rachmaninov improvisation GoPro

By Lizzie Davis

Pianist Edoardo Brotto filmed this epic improvisation on a GoPro for a pianist’s-eye view – and result is breath-taking.

Step one: get a cup of tea

Step two: plug in those headphones

Step three: let yourself be completely entranced

Writing on YouTube, Edoardo said: “Between practising, I stopped to relax a bit with a very pure, straight on the spot, improvisation. It turned out to be very dramatic and full of ardour, in the dark rumbling style of Rachmaninov.”

Edoardo also wrote about how he creates such complex music on the spot: “Sometimes I struggle to play even two chords after each other. What I notice is: when I’m able to play such complicated music without any pre-thought or any practice, I am very relaxed in the mind and I become part of the music.”

“Study the pieces you like and and ask yourself how they're composed and why they're in that way. Then find a part that you really like, analize it and once you have found the fundamental skeleton of harmonies, make your own version on that particular sequence of harmonies. It may be a nice way to start.”

You can see more of Edoardo's playing on his YouTube channel