This pianist can play Chopin on two pianos better than most people can on one

1 February 2017, 15:39

Chopin two pianos

By Amy MacKenzie

This piece is known for being one of the most challenging in the piano repertoire, and this guy decided to make it even harder, just for fun.

We thought a performance of Flight of the Bumblebee played on two pianos was impressive enough, but then we saw this video of Frédéric Chopin's Étude No. 4 on two pianos and couldn't believe our eyes (and ears).

YouTuber Sergio Baietta took on the challenge of playing one of Chopin's fastest studies (its tempo is Presto con fuoco, literally translating as 'very fast, with fire') which consists entirely of semi-quavers and is known for its difficult relationship between the right and left hand... on two pianos. Is he mad? 

Ok ok, it may not actually be a note-perfect performance, but this is STILL pretty cool - could you do this?

Check out Sergio's YouTube Channel for more fun and interesting videos, plus guest appearances from his very cute dog!

Make sure to listen to the end - there's a surprise you may not be expecting...