violin string snap teamwork

This video proves the incredible, instinctive teamwork between musicians

Game of Thrones symphony

Exclusive: First chance to listen to a track from the Game of Thrones Symphony

Bobby McFerring Vivaldi

Watch Bobby McFerrin SING Vivaldi's double cello concerto

Wah wah

This instrument is called a wah-wah tube, and it's totally hypnotic

Midi unicorn

This guy drew a musical unicorn and it sounds MAGICAL

tiny pipe organ made of paper and cardboard

This tiny pipe organ is made ONLY from paper and cardboard

John Brunning

‘You have to write for yourself, ultimately’– we asked a composer to share his four top tips

Google AI Duet

You can now play a piano duet with your computer

Natalie Wheen's Great Performers, Classic FM

This recording of one of the world's greatest early violinists is utterly stunning

la la land medley

We've just fallen in love with this La La Land medley for cello and piano

Contrabass recorder

This is without doubt the biggest-sounding recorder we've ever heard

Beethoven cubism

Weird and clever: listen to Beethoven's 'Für Elise' in the style of cubist art

Robertsbirdge codex asset

This is the oldest known piece of keyboard music

Forte Handbell Quartet

We are in awe of this incredible performance of Sabre Dance on handbells

Bandura and accordion vivaldi

Vivaldi played on Ukrainian folk instruments sounds (and looks) extraordinary

double bass pizzicato

This awesome double bass pizzicato technique is super-hypnotic

Voces8 Valentine's Day

The amazing vocal group Voces8 has created this spine-tingling cover of Ben Folds’ The Luckiest