Violin Noobie YouTube

This beginner violinist recorded every step of her progress in an inspirational two-year time-lapse video

Violinist surfing

This guy filmed himself playing the violin while surfing because why not?

perfect pitch kid

This kid was accused of faking his perfect pitch - he responded with this incredible video

mariah carey choral cover

This haunting choral version of a Mariah Carey classic is making our Christmas right now

czardas on recorder

Watch this kid play an insanely difficult piece… on RECORDER

star wars mahler

Star Wars soundtracked by Mahler 6 sounds absolutely awesome

Saxophone brain surgery

Watch a man play the saxophone while undergoing brain surgery

gumtree jazz ad

An elderly pianist placed a Gumtree ad asking for musicians to jam with and got SO many responses

Benedetti Four Seasons masterclass

Nicola Benedetti's The Four Seasons masterclass

star wars a cappella tonight show

Watch the cast of Star Wars sing an a cappella version of the Star Wars theme

sleigh bells chopin prelude

Huge surprise: adding sleigh bells to a Chopin prelude completely ruins it

air on a g-string andrew huang

New video shows Bach’s ‘Air on the G string’ performed on actual G-strings

star wars guitar orchestra

Every single orchestral part of the Star Wars theme - played on electric guitar

Gas meter instruments

A piece has been written for instruments made out of old gas meters - and it sounds like Arvo Pärt

hallelujah cellist brussels

A cellist serenaded Brussels as military vehicles rolled in

Boy hiccoughs natoinal anthem

A boy treble got the hiccoughs while singing the Australian National Anthem and it was inspirational

Leif Ove Andsnes and Beethoven

Leif Ove Andsnes' video guide to Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto