prince plays gershwin in rehearsal

Here’s Prince casually owning Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’ in rehearsal

metal moonlight sonata

This metal version of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is not even slightly relaxing

boethius 1000 year old song

This song hasn’t been performed in over 1,000 years: but now you can hear it

Llywelyn Ifan Jones

This guy takes his harp into nursing homes - and it's genuinely amazing and touching

bow break kid

This girl’s reaction to her bow breaking is the sad-cutest thing to ever happen in 12 seconds

Shakespeare sonnets classic fm presenters

Celebrating Shakespeare: Classic FM presenters read some of his best-loved poems

how to be classical musician video

This video about being a classical musician will make you shout ‘THIS IS ME’

alexey romanov pianist

Inspirational: this Russian teenager born without fingers has become a successful pianist

Francois Hollande

Watch the French president keep a straight face while a military band massacres his national anthem

jonas kaufmann waiting on stage

What do you do when your leading lady misses her cue?

bolero no melody

Ravel’s Bolero with no melody is the most boring thing you've ever heard

subcontrabass flute

Could someone buy us a subcontrabass flute, please?

National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain

The NYO took over London’s Southbank Centre with an epic Stravinsky flashmob


Ayoub Sisters at Classic FM Live

The Ayoub Sisters performed Die Fledermaus backstage at Classic FM Live

Steven Isserlis RSNO Classic FM Live

Steven Isserlis: ‘I listen to The Beatles before every concert’

string duo metallica guitar solos

This string duo absolutely nailed the guitar solos in Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’

bach violinist brain

This is what happens to a musician’s brain when they play Bach