Man plays his flute to charm RACCOONS

7 February 2019, 15:08

This Man Is The Pied Piper Of Raccoons

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

This flautist is the master of raccoon-calling.

A man from Upstate New York has gone viral, thanks to his ability to summon wild raccoons using a Native American flute. He has since earned the nickname the ‘Pied Piper of New York’.

The video, posted by Newsflare, was filmed in Basher State Forest, New York. It shows the raccoons emerging from the dense forest, one by one, to form a circle around the flautist. By the end of the video, he has an audience of around 20 raccoons.

According to the person filming, the musician lives at the reserve and often plays for birds and other animals.

Well, it’s certainly one way to make flute practice more interesting...