Sweet moment injured football star conducts and sings Italy’s national anthem with his son

8 July 2021, 17:32

Footballer sings Italy’s national anthem as he rests ruptured Achilles tendon
Footballer sings Italy’s national anthem as he rests ruptured Achilles tendon. Picture: Leonardo Spinazzola

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Injured Italy star conducts his son in an at-home singalong of his country’s rousing romp of an anthem.

While on bedrest with a ruptured Achilles, star Italian footballer Leonardo Spinazzola took a moment to remind his son of his country’s soaring national melody.

With a living room as their concert hall, Spinazzola conducts his little one in the great ‘Il Canto degli Italiani’, which translates to ‘The Song of the Italians’, in the run-up to the Euro 2020 final against England on Sunday.

A video posted to social media shows them singing together (watch below).

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Leonardo Spinazzola sings the Italian national anthem at home with his son in cute clip

The Italian defender had to step away from play in the quarter-finals of the European Championship, after suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon.

He has since had successful surgery, and his teammates dedicated their semi-finals win against Spain to him, hailing him ‘man of the match’.

There’s been a lot of love for Italy’s national song over the course of Euro 2020. Known by its opening words, ‘Fratelli d’Italia’, or ‘Brothers of Italy’, the anthem is always belted out by players with oodles of Italian passion and gusto – prompting this wonderful meme that did the rounds a few weeks ago:

“Say what you want, that Italian anthem is an absolute BANGER,” one user commented.

Another asked on Twitter before Italy’s semi-finals match with Spain: “Even if Italy lose, can we please have their anthem sung at the final?”

One argued: “The Italian national anthem is categorically the best.”

The brand FootballJOE tweeted: “Petition to make Italy’s national anthem everyone’s national anthem.”

Classic FM presenter David Mellor echoes those feelings, reckoning: “You could imagine Rossini writing that.”

It might be time to give the people what they want…