Christopher Plummer’s original vocals for ‘Edelweiss’ song revealed for the first time

18 December 2023, 17:24

Christopher Plummer’s original vocals for ‘Edelweiss’ revealed
Christopher Plummer’s original vocals for ‘Edelweiss’ revealed. Picture: Alamy

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Captain Von Trapp’s vocals, which never made it into The Sound of Music, have been unearthed and released as an authentic recording.

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After all these years, we can finally hear the late Christopher Plummer’s original vocal for ‘Edelweiss’ from The Sound of Music – and it’s exceptionally beautiful.

The actor’s vocal was dubbed for the 1965 film and soundtrack by Bill Lee, an American playback singer who lent his voice to many films, as was custom in most late 20th century musical films.

But now, we can hear Plummer’s authentic recording – a less polished, but incredibly touching sound with plenty of feeling and sincerity.

It’s wonderfully suited to the scene, where Captain von Trapp sings and plays for Maria and his children in the family drawing room, rediscovering the joy of music for the first time since losing his wife, in a moment of rare vulnerability.

The newly released recording of ‘Edelweiss’ features on The Sound of Music’s new Super Deluxe Edition, which is now available to stream or purchase.

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"Edelweiss" ft. Christopher Plummer's Original Vocals | The Sound of Music Super Deluxe Edition

Listen to the film version here:

Edelweiss from The Sound of Music (Official HD Video)

Christopher Plummer was deeply musical and would play the piano on film sets to entertain his castmates, including on The Sound of Music.

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As a schoolboy, he studied to be a concert pianist, playing all the great classical works. Eventually, his love of acting would shine through stronger, but he always returned to the keys.

“You were phenomenal off the set in that you kept us all very jolly,” Andrews told Plummer in a discussion of The Sound of Music. “You would play the piano brilliantly until very, very late at night.”

Modestly, Plummer replied: “Thank you very much but I think you were all very south to be able to say I played brilliantly… But I was constantly at that piano.”