27 classical music-loving dogs who deserve your full attention

10 March 2020, 14:44 | Updated: 10 March 2020, 15:30

Classical music-loving dogs
Classical music-loving dogs. Picture: Instagram: marina_god1 / hikarupiano4949 / IKSEV festival

By Helena Asprou

Paws what you’re doing immediately – these pooches can’t seem to get enough of classical music (and we can’t get enough of them).

Dogs make the perfect companions; they’re loyal, make us laugh and can even help us to stay healthy.

But most importantly, they appear to share our appreciation of classical music. Here are 27 pooches who love to... Bach (sorry).

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  1. All dressed up for the pawformance

  2. This canine’s howl shows real pet-tential...

  3. What an incredible talent

  4. Ready for a duet?

  5. Classic FM to the rescue

  6. So glad we could help ❤️

  7. We hear ya

  8. This curious pooch can’t resist a live performance

  9. Virtuoso doggo

  10. Quick practice, anyone?

  11. Music heals

  12. When your pup is all over the harmonies

  13. Anything is paw-sible if you rehearse

  14. Cello-loving lab

  15. Soothing your furry friend with a Bowie classic

  16. Hanging out to Hedwig’s Theme

  17. Quick visit to the Zürich Opera House

  18. When your pitbull gatecrashes practise...

  19. His Bach is worse than his bite

  20. Puppy vs trumpet

  21. Maestro in the making

  22. This pup jams to Handel’s Sarabande

  23. Falling asleep to the sound of a full orchestra

  24. Chihuahua trip to the Met

  25. His technique is a little ruff...

  26. Woodwind is life

  27. This pup is raising the woof