The woman who screamed during Stravinsky’s The Firebird has broken her silence

1 December 2017, 11:37 | Updated: 1 December 2017, 11:49

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

A few weeks ago, an audience member woke up with a dramatic yelp during a performance of Stravinsky’s The Firebird, and the video went viral. Now, the audience member has spoken out.

The North State Symphony Orchestra was playing Stravinsky’s The Firebird in concert, conducted by Scott Seaton. Everything was going swimmingly until the timpani drum came crashing in, ending the pianississimo passage just before the ‘Infernal dance of all Kashchei’s subjects’.

Then, audience member Stephanie Evans let out a yelp – which she says was the sound of her awaking from a state of ‘meditative bliss’.

“In this instance, I was sitting there very meditatively feeling the peace and bliss of that peaceful blissful place and then I was startled,” Stephanie told KRCRTV.

As soon as she screamed, the room erupted into laughter. The conductor even turned around to the audience, throwing them a cheeky wink.

“We all heard it,” Scott Seaton said. “It was very audible and [when] I saw the orchestra start to chuckle I thought it was my job in that moment to assure the audience that, that was okay.”

“I think it’s great that someone can have such a physical reaction to sound. And for something like this to happen very randomly here I think is great.” 

When asked if she was embarrassed about her scream going viral, Stephanie told KRCRTV she was pleased it was such great publicity for the orchestra.

“It's just a delight to know the attention it has brought to the Northstate and the Symphony and what Scott has to offer,” said Stephanie.

Seaton similarly said the ‘scream’ is helping millions of viewers understand it is okay during a concert to sit back, and get totally lost in the music.

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