Texas man plays piano in his flooded home after Hurricane Harvey

1 September 2017, 10:50 | Updated: 1 September 2017, 10:52

By Amy MacKenzie

After Hurricane Harvey subsided, a Texas father returned to his flooded home to pick up a few of his children's toys and discovered the family piano still worked.

Aric Harding returned to his flooded family home in Friendswood, south of Houston, to collect some of his children's toys.

One of his sons is a passionate player and was worried the family's piano would have been destroyed by the flooding. When he discovered the piano still worked, Harding sat down in the knee deep water and began to play a beautifully moving melody. 

He posted the video of the moment on Instagram with the caption, "I think it's all finally sinking in a little. What we used to have going as a city is gone. I really think God is going to do something completely new here. I am excited to see the new beauty in the suffering."

Harding and his family are now in the process of repairing their own home and helping others in their street:

You can read the original Instagram post here.