A music teacher became homeless, so his pupils planned this beautiful surprise

19 November 2020, 16:17 | Updated: 19 November 2020, 16:29

Students surprise music teacher
Students surprise music teacher. Picture: Facebook/Uzian Pinto

When these school children found out their music teacher wasn’t being paid, and was struggling to afford a roof over his head, they grouped together and found a way.

Bruno Rafael Paiva, a substitute music teacher based in Brazil, had been struggling to cope after the state government ceased to pay him for two months.

Paiva had been covering for a colleague, and very quickly built up a close bond with his students.

But his lack of pay led him to tough times – to the point where he even had to sleep at the school.

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When they found out about his circumstances, his students were eager to help, and grouped together to raise money as a gift.

As Paiva enters the classroom, the children encourage him to play a game of “hot and cold”, making him walk around their desks in search of a hidden box.

Finally, he arrives at his desk – and upon opening the box, is stunned to discover $400 Brazilian dollars (about £84). About two-thirds of his usual monthly salary, the generous gift was received with pure emotion.