Music teacher cries as students give him a special gift

20 September 2019, 16:47 | Updated: 20 September 2019, 16:51

By Helena Asprou

When these school children found out their teacher wasn’t being paid, and was struggling to afford a roof over his head, they teamed up to help – and his reaction to their gift is giving us all the feels...

If you need something to restore your faith in humanity, this video might just be it.

In the heartwarming clip, we’re introduced to Bruno Rafael Paiva, a substitute music teacher based in Brazil, who had been struggling to cope after the state government ceased to pay him for two months.

Paiva had been covering for a colleague, and very quickly built up a close bond with his students.

But his lack of pay led him to tough times – to the point where he even had to sleep at the school.

When they found out about his circumstances, his students were keen to help, and grouped together to raise money as a gift.

As Paiva enters the classroom, the children encourage him to play a game of “hot and cold”, making him walk around their desks in search of a hidden box.

Finally, he arrives at his desk – and upon opening the box, is stunned to discover $400 Brazilian dollars (about £84). About two-thirds of his usual monthly salary, the generous gift was received with pure emotion.

And now we’re all reaching for the tissues.