Whale tail artwork saves train plunging into water in Holland

2 November 2020, 16:38


By Kyle Macdonald

Public art is the action hero during a midnight train crash in Spijkenisse, near Rotterdam.

Proof art can (literally) save you.

A sculpture saved a Dutch metro train from plunging into water today. The train smashed through a safety barrier at De Akkers metro station in Spijkenisse but a large sculpture of a whale tail at the station safely held the carriages aloft.

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The incident happened after midnight on Monday. The driver was the only person on the train and no one was hurt.

A Dutch metro train, saved from disaster
A Dutch metro train, saved from disaster. Picture: Getty

The 2002 artwork by architect and sculptor Maarten Strujis is called (rather appropriately) ‘Saved by a Whale’s Tale’ and is made from reinforced polyester.

What a great way to further the argument for more public art: keeping us entertained, stimulated and indeed, safe.