Pavarotti Lookalike Railway Worker

Passengers at the Lichfield Trent Valley railway have found that their commute to work has been livened up a station worker – who looks like the late opera superstar Luciano Pavarotti.

Colin Miller used to make a comfortable living from being Pavarotti lookalike but the 61-year-old moved into the world of public transport once demand for his services had dried up.

Not that that has stopped Mr Miller bursting into a rendition of Nessum Dorma for passengers requesting him to sing, something that he finds amusing.

”I’ve had trains come in slowing down and I’ve had people get off to take my picture before jumping back on the train,” he said.

“We have impromptu little songs. I ask them if they know Nessun Dorma, they hum it and I sing it.”

But Mr Miller is the first to admit that, despite the looks, the similarities end there: “I can’t sing like Pavarotti - but I give it a good go. All the punters love it.”