Verbier Festival Launches Youth Camp

For any organization to reach double digits is enough cause for celebration but to achieve two decades is remarkable. It’s an anniversary that isn’t lost on the Verbier Festival as it prepares to mark its 20th birthday in 2013 by launching a three-week learning programme for musicians aged 15 to 17.

The programme will be led Swedish Radio Symphony and Mahler Chamber Orchestra principal conductor Daniel Harding. He will oversee 60 talented youngsters who will receive private lessons as well as participating in orchestra rehearsals. 

Located in the festival’s home in the Swiss Alps, the Verbier Festival Camp will also see mentoring by former members of the Verbier Festival Orchestra. 

“I am looking forward to leading this brilliant new project and to work with this new group of young musicians,” said Harding. “I just hope it will be as inspiring for them as it will be for me!” 

The 2012 Verbier Festival runs July 20 to August 5.