Ukraine 'Pianist-Extremist' refuses to be unmasked

3 February 2014, 17:02

Playing music including Chopin and Einaudi, the mystery music college student continues to perform outside City Hall in Ukraine, protesting against the authorities.

Despite increased media attention after reports of the pianist's performances in December 2013, he still uses a mask to protect his anonymity. His impromptu street performances are  part of a wider protest aimed at Ukranian authorities, after President Viktor Yanukovich spurned an EU trade deal in favour of dealings with Moscow.

"They call us extremists and criminals, but this is not the case. People are here for patriotism, not for money or violence," he said, speaking to Reuters.

"The music helps people and strengthens their morale," he said. "It is the spirit of the revolution."

When asked, the 'Pianist-Extremist' refused to reveal his identity, only saying he studied at music college in western Ukraine, and was now in his 20s.